The Modern Language Experiment presents
Imagining a re-synchronizing (The Phantom Twin)

The process of formulating the collective possibilities that presents themselves when we no longer focus on the individual as the basic atom of creative production.

Beyond the experience of being a creative self we are becoming more and more attuned to multifaceted and dynamic creative generation that issues from collective entities. This creative matrix seems to be a promising ground from which to start thinking about social and political life and to imagine ways in which we might take up the challenges of the future.

In his essay “The loneliness of the Project” Boris Groys suggests that this social and political change will come about by the removal of the self through the sanction of a ‘loneliness’. Its very construction does not conform to accepted social norms but rather demands for an alternative. This ‘loneliness’ Groys continues is achieved by ‘The project’ which creates a situation where “a socially sanctioned individual project” is “a justification for isolation” (Groys, going public, p.72)

Here Groys has an interesting angle about the challenges of social change for the future and how an enforced isolation through the project. This enables a socially acceptable shift that places one self out of sync and in doing so presents a new future when one eventually re-synchronises some time later. What is important in this statement is that this sanctioned loneliness or isolation ultimately suggests a shifting away from the contemporary beyond the confines of now and into a position held within the project; a position that imagines a new future.

When considering recent real life stories such as that of the activist, Jason Russell of Invisible Children or Internet pioneer Josh Harris, an investigation between the dynamics of the individual and the group within a project are revealing to say the least.

The Modern Language Experiment is excited to present a combination of artist videos and short documentary videos in the form of a conversation that allows these ideas to be explored in greater detail. An open forum session will encourage discussion between presenters and audience members.

This video conversation has been a collaboration with The Modern Language Experiment and, and we are very pleased to say that it will generate an Event Article as part of a forthcoming series of Event Articles on

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Kony 2012
We Live in Public

Art Talks and Tea
Bermondsey Project
46 Willow Walk

20th March 2013
Talk will begin at 6.30pm

Art Talks and Tea is curated by Caterina Lewis and is supported by Crisis.
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