Views from Orciny

Sluice Exchange Berlin
17 November 2018 4.30 - 6pm - Performative Discussion

Orciny ... it's a sort of folk tale,'  I told Thacker, Mahalia’s mother nodded; her father looked away. “It is not so really like the Breach, Mrs. Geary. Breach is real. A power. But Orciny is…” I hesitated.

TMLE are pleased to present "Views from Orciny" a performative discussion that uses as it starting point the idea and concepts held up for debate from the novel ‘The city and the city’ by China Mieville. We will be exploring the notions of borders, edges, the in-between, envelopes and unseeing by focusing on how contemporary artists, writers and theorists and have utilised similar techniques and modes of working to discuss these issues. 

Written in 2009 Mieville’s novel is based on a fictional time and place, yet feels strangely more pertinent than ever before. In our post truth/fake news world, it is often difficult to negotiate the world we believe we inhabit, and the one we actually live in.

The performative discussion will take place in three parts, with TMLE partners Keh Ng and Matt Stock offering alternative views of the world we inhabit and a discussion with the audience afterwards.

We are very excited that this talk will be at Sluice Exchange Berlin as a part of its discussion programme.

EXCHANGE BERLIN is an international exposition of artist/curator-led presentations loosely under pinnned by ideas around transnational localism.

EXCHANGE BERLIN encourages integrated, collaborative and even spontaneous modes of exhibition and critical evaluation. The aim of all Sluice projects is to offer an independent alternative to the dominant organisational paradigms whilst demonstrating a belief in the importance of international engagement for otherwise local projects.

Sluice Exchange Berlin
Luckenwalder Straße 3
10963 Berlin

16 November 2018 19:00–22:00
17 November 2018 11:00–19:00
18 November 2018 11:00–19:00